Dental implants for missing teeth and denture replacement

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How is patient care provided?

Our office is all about quality, comprehensive dentistry, and the way we provide that is by completing the following in five steps:

  1. Complete an interview with one of our staff members. We find the interview portion very helpful because we discuss any existing issues you may have and what you would like your teeth to look like. This helps us customize the treatment plan to our patient’s specific needs.
  2. Ex-rays will be completed. This may include taking more detailed ex-rays of each tooth and their root surfaces.
  3. Exam with one of our experienced dentists. This will include a soft tissue examination (this is also an oral cancer screening). Next, the dentist will do a comprehensive exam of every tooth checking for any active decay. Then, the dentist will complete a comprehensive exam on the gum tissue, ensuring that the supporting structures of the teeth are healthy. Lastly, the dentist will review any questions or concerns you may have and go over the initial interview you gave in step #1. Treatment options will also be discussed and digital photos will be taken.
  4. The dentist will gather all information and develop a treatment plan.
  5. Second consultation appointment will be made. Here you and the dentist will sit down and go over his recommended treatment plan and what your options are, including the financials and insurance.

The steps listed above are all completed before any actual work is done to your teeth. That way, we will know where we’re going, how we’re getting there and how soon we will do the treatment.

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