Dental implants for missing teeth and denture replacement

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Are dental implants painful?

Many people are reluctant to have dental implants done because it seems like it would be a very painful procedure. Dr. Camm has been doing dental implants for 25+ years, and he routinely has patients tell him they experience very little to no pain. One of the reasons for this is because we use intravenous sedation (or conscience / twilight sedation) which is done through an IV line and use a medicine very similar to Valium. You will be put lightly to sleep where you will not remember any of the procedure at all.

Before we even start we give you anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotics through your IV line. Since these are already in your bloodstream before the procedure starts, the chances of having inflammation or infection after the procedure is done is very minimal. It is very comfortable, you won’t get nauseated and you wake up very easily.

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