Dental implants for missing teeth and denture replacement

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Denture Replacements

Traditional dentures have existed for hundreds of years – George Washington probably had the most famous pair of dentures, made from cow and walrus teeth. While denture technology has certainly developed since those early days, the fact remains that many denture wearers frequently complain of discomfort, pain, slippage/movement, inability to eat desired foods and an overall drop in self-confidence.

Recently, dental implants have become the clear treatment of choice for those missing all of their teeth on one or both arches. Unlike traditional dentures, dental implant supported dentures are secured, so the need for denture adhesive is eliminated. They also allow you to speak with ease and chew most foods without the risk of denture slippage; tasting the authentic flavor of the foods you eat. Finally, only dental implant supported dentures will support the structure of your jawbone, preserving it from the shrinkage of your jaw line that is often seen in long-term denture wearers.

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Did you know: by age 74, 26% of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth?