Dental implants for missing teeth and denture replacement

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Benefits of Dental Implants


Prior to dental implant technology, patients with missing teeth had limited options. The most common solution was called a “fixed bridge” in which the surrounding teeth were ground down to accept crowns to hold the replacement tooth steady. This solution has several drawbacks including:

  • Adjacent, healthy teeth are used as anchors for the new tooth, requiring them to be unnecessarily ground down and crowned.
  • A fixed bridge does not replace the root of the tooth; it is only a surface-level device. As a result, the jaw bone (where the root of the tooth was previously located) can begin to dissolve; causing pain, issues with surrounding teeth and unfavorable external appearance changes (“caving in” around the missing roots).

Dental implants address these issues and provide significant benefits beyond these legacy treatments:

  • Surrounding healthy teeth are not impacted by the placement of the dental implant, leaving more natural teeth fully intact. Individual implants also allow easier access between teeth, significantly improving oral hygiene.
  • The titanium screw placed in the jaw acts as a replacement for the tooth root and actually bonds with the existing bone, keeping the natural bone structure of your face and jaw intact.

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