Dental implants for missing teeth and denture replacement

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What if I’m Missing Multiple Teeth?


Dental implants are also an excellent option for patients missing multiple teeth and provide even more benefits in this situation.

Similar to legacy single-tooth replacement methods, fixed bridges have often been used to replace missing teeth in the past. Fixed bridges require the support and coincided compromise of adjacent, healthy teeth. Additionally, they do not address the issue of the missing root and do not aid in preventing bone deterioration and loss. Plus, most bridges only last 5-7 years, while dental implants can last a lifetime.

Another traditional approach to treating multiple missing teeth is the usage of partial dentures.

These are appliances made of metal and plastic that clip to adjacent healthy teeth to fill the gaps of multiple missing teeth. These appliances are considered to be much more cosmetic than truly functional teeth, and they come with a significant set of drawbacks:

  • Partial dentures are typically somewhat unstable, causing patients to be extremely self-conscious about them at all times.
  • Partial dentures can have a significant impact on the function of your teeth – potentially impacting your diet, your self-esteem and even your speech.
  • Similar to bridges, partial dentures do not address the issue of bone deterioration.

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